Greek Authorities Intend To Prohibit The Circus With Animals


The Greek government approved and introduced the law on the rights of animals, which expands responsibility for mockery of them and prohibits the circus with animals, the Greek newspaper writes on Thursday "Naftempor".In the case of the approval of the law in the parliament, where the ruling levocentric party has the majority, in Greece any representations with trained animals, including circus, will be completely prohibited to exclude mockery of the animals.The bill also provides for the tightening of criminal liability for abuse of animals – now the convicted person under this article will be sent to prison, while earlier a prison term could be replaced with cash payments. At the same time, the penalty for cruelty against pets will also be increased – up to 30 thousand euros.The debates about the ban on the circus have been on the government level since 2009, when public opinion in Greece was shocked by shown personnel on television, on which the local circus minister beat the elephant with a stick. There is no rich circus tradition in Greece, but foreign circuses are often touring in the country.Greek public organizations in the protection of animals also achieved the eradication in Greece of the profession of a trainer of bears traditional for the Balkans, who drives his pets in markets and bazaars. More than one and a half dozen animals were confiscated among trainers whose traditional methods included such cruel methods of teaching bears as cauterization of paws with hot iron.

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