Earth Parrot: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

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Photo: Pezoporus Wallicus

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Length up to 30 cm. The coloring of the plumage is discreet, modest, mainly green and yellow with transverse black stripes. The chest, neck and lower body are yellowish-green, the upper side is green, the forehead is red. Staining steering feathers green with yellow stripes. Claws, unlike other parrots, he has straight and rather long.

Lives in the southern part of Australia and Tasmania.

Settled in swampy places and sandy barren areas. Live alone and in pairs. Very deftly run in the grass, and fly quite poorly, only in case of danger, when they cannot run away. This parrot can fly away no more than 200 m, dropping down, he does not soar, as if falling to the ground, touching its breasts. His flight is like a flight of chicken birds.

The nesting period falls on September-December. This is the only parrot that does not build nests, and puts eggs directly on the ground or in various recesses and fossa. 4 eggs in full masonry, young people fly out 25 days after hatching.

Earth parrots have been preserved only in some places of their former range. Significant damage to them is caused by forest fires. The extraction of these birds is prohibited by law.