Henderson Lori Perelnik: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

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Photo: Vini Stepheni

Body length 18cm, mass — 42—55 g. The general color of the plumage is red-green, with the exception of the golden-yellow tip of the tail, red plumage on the lower body and cheeks and dark purple in the central part of the abdomen. The eyes are golden-yellow. Voice — Piercing screech.

Henderson Lori hersitan lives on the edges of the forests and in the plantations of coconut palms on the beaches of the beaches. It feeds on nectar, pollen and fruits of various plants. Part of the diet also make up arthropods, including the larvae of the scales.

Hendersonov Lori Pod, the Henderson Henderson Island is the island of Henderson as part of the Pitcurn archipelago. In 1987, the total population of the species was 720—1820 individuals, in 1992 — about 200 pairs. The main threats are rats brought to the island, bird illness, such as malaria and smallpox. The cultivation of exotic species of plants can also negatively affect the population.

Other types of genus «Lori hershams»:

  • Rubin Lori hermit


  • Sineshapoic Lori hermit


  • Blue Lori hermit


  • Ultramarin Lori hermit


  • Lori hermit