Yellow-Haired Thick-Circuent Parrot: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

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Photo: Bolborhynchus aurifrons

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Rod: thick -circuit parrots

Body length 17 cm. The main coloring of the plumage is green, with a yellowish tint on the abdominal side. Cheeks and forehead yellow. The outer side of the flower feathers of the gaping wing of bluish. The male has yellow beak at the base.

Lives in Chile, Peru and in the west of Argentina.

Inhabit the subtropical and tropical highlands covered with shrubs.

The view includes 4 subspecies:

  • Bolborhynchus aurifrons aurifrons (Lesson, 1830)
  • Bolborhynchus aurifrons margaritae (Berlioz & Dorst, 1956)
  • Bolborhynchus Aurifrons Robertsi Carriker, 1933
  • Bolborhynchus aurifrons rabrirostris (Burmeister, 1860)

Other types of genus Ā«Thick -circuent parrotsĀ»:

  • Burchapic thick -circuent parrot


  • Red -haired thick -circuent parrot


  • Polstoklious parrot of Katerina