Ara Soldier: Photo, Video, Housing And Propagation

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Photo: Ara ambiguus

Body length 80—85 cm color green with a yellowish tint. HD and voskovitsa red. Naked white (when excited— Scarlet) The face zone is streaked with small black feathers, unlikely from the forehead to the ears. A back of a light blue tint (in a male). Back, shells and sneaky rod-bronze. Steering, flywheel and their hiding blue. The tail from above is brown with blue tips. The beak is black. The width of the connection 13—15 mm iris light yellow. Gray paws. There are no differences in the color of the male and the female. It looks like a small soldier’s ara, but the wings are yellow. They have a significant difference in size, voice and environment.

Lives in Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Inhabitant tropical valleys, seasonal dry territories to a height of 700m above sea level. Keeps in pairs or family groups.

With solitary housing, they quickly tame and become obedient and trusting.

The view includes 2 subspecies:

  • ARA ambiguus ambiguus (bechstein, 1811)
  • Ara Ambiguus Guayaquilensis Chapman, 1925

Other types of genus «Ara»:

  • Green -winged ara


  • The chestnut -haired ara


  • Red -haired Ara


  • Blue -ruble Ara


  • Blue-yellow ara


  • Small soldier Ara


  • Blue Ara


  • Red Ara