Decorated Lickut: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Decorated Lickut (trichoglossus ornatus) -

Photo: Trichoglossus ornatus

Body length 22—25 cm, tail 6.5—8.5 cm. The main color is green. The back of the head, cheeks and chin are red. The area of ​​the ear and the upper part of the head is dark blue. The upper chest, the front side of the neck and goiter of bright red with blue stripes. The beak is orange.

Endemic Indonesia. Lives on the Molucca Islands, Sulawesi.

Tropical forests inhabit.

The female lays 2 eggs, the ragging lasts 27 days.

Other types of genus «Loricets»:

  • Cherry-red mining

    Trichoglossus Rubiginosus cherry-red

  • Johnston is Licky

    Johnssus Johnstoniae

  • The yellow -headed drifting

    Yellow -headed Lickyt (Trichoglossus Euteles)

  • The yellow-green lands

    Yellow-green Lickyat

  • Multicolor drifting

    Multicolor Licky (Trichoglossus haematodus)

  • Scaleshotogrudny Licks

    Scaly Licky (Trichoglossus Chloorolepidotus)

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