Venecenous Musk-To-Ruts: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

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Photo: Glossopsitta PorphyRocephala

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Lauria

Rod: musk -to -ruttle

Body length 16-18cm is green coloring green. In the upper part of the back of an olive-yellow shade. A dark blue color, in the ear and forehead golden yellow color. Uzdezhka orange-red. Chest and throat gray-blue, bending wing blue.

Lives in Northwest Victoria and South Australia.

Noisy parrots, are constantly in motion.

Other types of genus Ā«Muscular minesĀ»:

  • Tiny musk -to -rings


  • Muskoy is driving