Scaleshotogramdiye: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

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Photo: Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus

The length of the parrot with a tail is 23.5 cm, it accounts for 10 cm on the tail. The main color is green. The yellow edges of the feathers create the impression of a scaly plumage (hence the name). The tail from the bottom is yellow, at the base of the fan there is a red-yellow border. The iris is orange-red. The beak is dark coral. The legs are gray-brown.

They live in Australia.

Inhabit the wooded areas, coastal plains. They feed mainly by nectar and pollen, also eat flowers, berries, fruits, seeds, insects and their larvae. Often bring losses to the gardens; rave the sorghum and corn plantation, where they feed on immature milk grain.

The nests are arranged in hollows, usually high above the ground. A layer of wood dust is located at the bottom of the nest. There are usually two (rarely three) white eggs in masonry. Running lasts about 25 days. Males are in the nest at this time, but, in all visibility, they do not take part in the incubation. Both parents feed chicks. Young leave the nest after 6—8 weeks.

Other types of genus «Loricets»:

  • Cherry-red mining


  • Johnston is Licky


  • The yellow -headed drifting


  • The yellow-green lands


  • Multicolor drifting


  • Decorated Loriks