Nosy Cacuba: Photo, Video, Housing And Propagation

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Photo: Cacatua Tenuirostris, Kakatoe Tenuirostris

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Kakada

Rod: Kakada

Body length 40cm, tail 12 cm; Weight 500—600 g. The head is large, rounded, with a very short wide crest. The coloring of the plumage is white. There are red spots on the throat and goiter. The unrestaled zone around the eyes of grayish-blue color. On the forehead there is a transverse strip of red, the same color area of ​​the eyes and a bridle. The iris is dark brown. Beak and paws — Gray. Unlike others, the length of the beak exceeds the h8. Male and female are painted the same. The male has a longer beak, it is a little larger than a female. Young birds smaller than adults.

Lives in the southeast of Australia.

Inhabit forests, thickets of Malgi, meadows, floodplain forests, a cultivated landscape, cities, gardens, parks, always near water. Outside the reproduction period, they are held in large packs (100—2000 individuals). They spend the night near the water. Early in the morning fly on a watering. In hot times of the day they rest in the crowns of trees. They feed on seeds, fruits, nuts, roots, grain, kidneys, flowers, bulbs, berries, insects and their larvae. Fly for feeding in large packs. They feed mainly on Earth, using their beak as a plow. During feeding in open areas 1—2 birds play the role of guards who, with danger, take off into the air with a loud screech. Damage to grain crops (sunflower, rice, millet, wheat).

Nest in hollows of eucalyptus growing near water. The bottom is lined with woody jar. The same nesting is used for several years. With a lack of suitable trees, burrows in soft dirt dig. Several steam can nest on one tree. In laying 2—4 white eggs. Eggs are made by both parents, within 25—29 days. Chicks are shifting at the age of 55—57 days.

Life expectancy for more than 70 years.

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