Golden-Step Arating: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Zlatshapoic Arating (Aratinga auricapillus) -

Photo: Aratinga auricapillus

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Rod: Arating

Body length 30 cm. Green plumage, the back of the head and forehead are red, the same color is an inequal area around the eyes. In the abdomen, the coloring is red-brown. Some parrots have interspersed yellow feathering among red plumage. The lower back and sacrum have red-brown borders. Among this species there are many variable colors.

They live in the east of Brazil (in Bai, Minas-Zirace, in the north of Paran and South of Goyas) and in Paraguay.

Inhabit subtropical and tropical forests, dry savannahs and plantations. In nature live in pairs or small flocks from 4 to 10 birds. They feed on seeds, chestnuts and fruits.

Nest in hollows of trees, under the roofs of houses. There are 2-4 eggs in the masonry. After about 24 days, chicks appear, and at 1.5 months of age they are leaning.

The view includes 2 subspecies.

  • Aratinga auricapillus auricapillus (Kuhl, 1820)
  • Aratinga auricapillus aurifrons Spix, 1824

Other types of genus «Arating»:

  • White -eyed Arating

    White -eyed Arating (Aratinga Leucophthalmus)

  • Haician arating

    Haician Arating (Aratinga Chloroptera)

  • Mexican Arating

    Mexican Arating (Aratinga Holochlora)

  • Golden Arating

    Golden Arating (Aratinga aurea)

  • Gold Arating

    Gold Arating (Aratinga Guarouba, Guarouba Guarouba)

  • Cactus arating

    Cactus Arating (Aratinga Cactorum)

  • Colombian Arating

    Colombian Arating (Aratinga Wagleri)

  • Brown -high arating

    Brown Arating (Aratinga Pertinax)

  • Brown -headed arating

    Aratinga Weddellii Burdered

  • Red -headed arating

    Red -headed Arating (Aratinga Erythrogenys)

  • Red -faced arating

    Red -faced Aratinga Mitrata)

  • Cuban Arating

    Cuban Arating (Aratinga Euops)

  • Orange -haired Arating

    Aratinga Canicularis)

  • Sinelia Arating

    Aratinga Acuticaudata)

  • Solar arating

    Solar Arating (Aratinga Solstitialis)

  • Endia

    Endinga Jandaya)

  • Finns Arating

    Aratinga FinSchi

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