Yamaisky Yellow-Billed Amazon: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Yamaisky yellow -billed Amazon (Amazona Collaria) -

Photo: Amazona Collaria

Body length 28-29 cm. The main coloring of the green plumage with a yellow tint. There is a small white spot on the forehead, bluish head, blue-green cheeks, plumage of the throat and front of the neck reddish with the green edge. Bone beak and legs.

It lives on Jamaica.

Inhabit wet subtropical and tropical selshanes, mangrove thickets, plantations and gardens; rises to the mountains to a height of 1200 m above sea level.

Is under threat of disappearance due to loss of natural habitat.

Other types of genus «Amazons»:

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    White -faced Amazon (Amazona Albifrons)

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  • Yamaisky black -billed Amazon

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    Snove Amazon (Amazona Aestiva)

  • Surinam Amazon

    Surinam Amazon

  • Amazon Cavall

    Amazona Kawalli

  • Amazon Muller

    Amazona Farinosa (Amazona Farinosa)

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