What Feed To Pet Choose – Your Own Preparation Or Industrial?

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If a person prefers his own cooking food, he should think whether he can fulfill all the requirements that are presented to the dog’s feed. If a person is the owner of a small puppy or a pregnant dog, then it is better for him to feed the animal with high -quality industrial production feeds. The housing of phosphorus and calcium, as well as their ratio, plays great importance when choosing a food. Preparing food at home, it is usually a problematic to achieve this. Dogs of advanced age also need special care and feeding. For them, you can also find specialized feed on sale that meet the needs of elderly animals.


Photo: what feed to choose – your own preparation or industrial?

Industrial production feeds are made taking into account the results of research regarding the needs of dogs at all stages of development. Most manufacturing companies contain veterinarians and scientists who periodically conduct dog nutrition experiments in order to meet international standards. Another advantage of industrial production is that they are very easy to use, and it is also quite easy to dose.

To date, there are several varieties of feed for dogs of industrial production, which are divided by the housing of moisture in them.There are no differences between dry and juicy feeds, if they contain the same amount of nutrients in the same ratio,. However, for the owner, juicy food costs somewhat more expensive than dry, since juicy feed contains a large amount of moisture, which has no nutrients, but to pay for which.To date, a large amount of low -quality food has appeared on the store shelves. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish it from a high -quality product. Therefore, the owner of the dog, before purchasing a particular jar or a bag of food for his animal, must be carefully studying all the information available on the label. Typically, on low -quality feed, such information is minimized or completely absent.If desired, a person can purchase food for his pet, sold only in a pet store or veterinary clinic. They differ from ordinary feeds on the packaging “Professional formula”. This food is good because it contains only guaranteed ingredients and there is no textured vegetable protein, which is contained in some feeds sold in ordinary supermarkets.If the owner, for any reason, does not want to feed his pet with industrial production feeds, he can cook food on his own at home, but at the same time a person should be sure that he can provide his dog with the necessary nutrients in required quantity.Popular feed food is lean minced meat or cheap meat, cut into pieces and welded with vegetables in a pan-intersection. You can also add rice, pasta or buckwheat to meat. At a time you can prepare a large portion of food, divide it into daily standards and freeze in separate plastic bags. For breakfast, the animal can be given dog -bought cookies, and meat dishes must be left for feeding before bedtime.The owner must also remember that when cooking, many products lose part of the nutrients. Therefore, if a person plans to feed the dog with feed of his own production, he should add special additives, which usually consist of iodine, bone flour or calcium carbonate and vitamins D and A.Thus, it can be said that for puppies, pregnant females and elderly animals, it is necessary to purchase industrial production, adult healthy dogs, in turn, can be fed their own food, provided that it contains all the necessary vitamins and trace elements in the necessary quantity.