Tukuman Amazon: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Tukuman Amazon (Amazona Tucumana) -

Photo: Amazona Tucumana

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Rod: Amazons

Body length 30-31 cm. The main coloring of the plumage is dark green, with a well-visible dark edging feathers. Forehead and crown to the middle of red color. Extreme flyers, closer to the base, have areas of red. Hiding legs orange-yellow and form as it were «Pants» on a green background of the lower body. The steering feathers are green, and yellow-green at the tips. Their inner side of yellow-green tones. The beak is light, the colors of the horns. The iris of yellow-orange, near-eyed rings are bare and white. The male and the female are painted the same, there are no differences between them.

Lives in mountainous regions in the south of Bolivia and the northwest of Argentina.

A resident of virgin tropical forests, occurs to a height of 2000 m above sea level. Olha and araukariy seeds are eaten in food. Along with this, they also feed on various fruits, seeds, nuts and berries of other trees and shrubs. With the onset of the cold season, parrots descend from mountain forests into a more warmer in the climate of forests plains.

The propagation period falls on December and January. In laying 1—4 eggs. Running lasts 27—28 days.

Became very rare due to deforestation and illegal capture. In nature, there are about 5500 birds.

This species is very rare in captivity.

Other types of genus «Amazons»:

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    White -faced Amazon (Amazona Albifrons)

    White -faced Amazon (Amazona Albifrons)

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  • Yellow -bellied Amazon

    ALIPIOPSITA Xanthops)

  • Yellow -bellied Amazon

    Yellow -Fleet Amazon (Amazona Barbadensis)

  • Yellow -based Amazon

    Yellow -based Amazon (Amazona Xantholora)

  • Yellowish Amazon

    Yellow -shaped Amazon (Amazona Auropalliata)

  • Greenish Amazon

    Green -based Amazon (Amazona Viridigenalis)

  • Imperial Amazon

    Imperial Amazon (Amazona Imperialis)

  • Royal Amazon

    Royal Amazon (Amazona Guildingii)

  • Red -Robbed Amazon

    Redborn Amazon (Amazona Rhodocorytha)

  • Red -zone Amazon

    Red -zero Amazon (Amazona Arausiaca)

  • Yellowish Amazon

    Yellow -shaped Amazon (Amazona Autumnalis)

  • Cuban Amazon

    Cuban Amazon (Amazona Leucocephala)

  • Puerto Rican Amazon

    Puerto-Rikan Amazon (Amazona Vittata)

  • Luxurious Amazon

    Luxurious Amazon (Amazona Pretrei)

  • Sinelian Amazon

    Sinelian Amazon (Amazona Versicolor)

  • Sinex Amazon

    Sinex Amazon (Amazona Dufresniana)

  • Sineshapic Amazon

    Sineshapoic Amazon (Amazona FinSchi)

  • Soldier Amazon

    Soldier Amazon (Amazona Mercenaria)

  • Festive Amazon

    Festive Amazon (Amazona Festiva)

  • Black -Jewish Amazon

    Black -Joan Amazon (Amazona Ventralis)

  • Yamaisky black -billed Amazon

    Yamaisky Black -Close Amazon (Amazona Agilis)

  • The blue Amazon

    Snove Amazon (Amazona Aestiva)

  • Surinam Amazon

    Surinam Amazon

  • Yamaisky yellow -billed Amazon

    Yamaisky yellow -billed Amazon (Amazona Collaria)

  • Amazon Cavall

    Amazona Kawalli

  • Amazon Muller

    Amazona Farinosa (Amazona Farinosa)

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