Solomon Cacket: Photo, Video, Housing And Propagation

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Photo: Cacatua Ducerpsi, Plyctolophus Ducrops

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Kakada

Rod: Kakada

Body length 34 cm; weight up to 360 g. The coloring of the plumage and the wide very short, round crest is white. On the inside of the wings and tail, a lemon shade is noticeable. At the base of the feathers is a reddish-orange rod. Near-eyed rings are bluish-white, wide. The beak is light gray. The male has a black iris, the female — Red-brown.

Lives on Solomon Islands.

Live in high -barreled tropical forests with a well -developed dense undergrowth. Feed on fruits and seeds of various plants and small insects.

There are 1-3 eggs in the masonry, on which parents sit in turn — In the afternoon male, at night a female. After 25 days, chicks hatch, and after 2 months they leave the nest.

They are very rare in captivity, since the population of these birds is insignificant. It lends itself well to training. Able to imitate human speech, melodies and voices of animals. Life expectancy up to 50 years.

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