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  • Photo: growing plants on stones and snags In nature, some aquarium plants grow on snags and stones. The main examples are anubias, Javanese moss, Thai fern, Bolbitis and others. A typical biotope for such plants is proximity to a waterfall or lake below it, or the area around the waterfall, which are continuously irrigated by […]

  • Photo: freshwater aquarium If you are an amateur of the underwater world or terrarium animals and you have never contained an aquarium or a terrarium, on our website you have the opportunity to learn about those who have successfully did it or do it. All over the world, people share a passion for the exotic […]

  • The aquarium is installed where it is convenient to inspect (regardless of the distance and position relative to the window). The prolonged lighting of the aquarium by the sun causes an increase in algae, so it should be protected by curtains on the windows, sliding curtains on the aquarium or thick foliage of indoor plants […]

  • More than 10 species of these birds are bred and contain. The following are the most popular of them. Photo: Red – Eared Astrild These birds have a body length of about 12 cm. A distinctive feature of males – Red, less often – Yellowish, cheeks. The blue color of the plumage on the chest […]

  • His chattering and chirt are pleasant to the ear of a person. Propagates well in captivity, lives up to 15-20 years. Photo: Buying a wavy parrot The feathers of the bird are quite allergenic, so it is not recommended for people prone to allergies to allergies; The parrot, like all other birds, loves the sun […]

  • The home canary is a descendant of the wild canary, which lives freely on the Canary Islands. The difference between wild canaries living on Canary isolation from home is the difference in colors, figures, singing. Photo: Orange Canary There should not be one canary, it is a social bird that is not used to loneliness, […]

  • A lot of not entirely useful factors inherent in our civilization at the moment contributed to giving out from the natural environment of people living in urban conditions, but, nevertheless, looking for all kinds of contacts with nature. The appearance of various colors in apartments, breeding fish in aquariums, all kinds of birds and fairly […]

  • Also during this time the bird will remember your voice and stop being afraid of it. After that, you can begin to think about how to tame a parrot to your hands. The first actions should be attempts to give it a grain or a piece of fruit through a cage. Also during this time […]

  • Photo: Talking parrots Jaco is considered the most talented of birds «Govorunov». Another name for this bird – Gray parrot. How easy it is to guess, the feathers of Jaco are gray, with the exception of the tail – It is reddish-brown. Jaco is found in Africa, in tropical forests. These birds love to build […]

  • Photo: Tips for buying vitamins for dogs Vitamins – These are the most important elements in nutritions that are necessary for both small dogs and adults for full development. They strengthen the fragile bones to small puppies. These vitamins are added to the animal because in the food that its owner feeds, there are no […]