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  • Some Details About The Life Of Wavy Parrots

    A lot of not entirely useful factors inherent in our civilization at the moment contributed to giving out from the natural environment of people living in urban conditions, but, nevertheless, looking for all kinds of contacts with nature. The appearance of various colors in apartments, breeding fish in aquariums, all kinds of birds and fairly […]

  • Canary: Behavior, Breeding, Canaries Outside The Cage

    The home canary is a descendant of the wild canary, which lives freely on the Canary Islands. The difference between wild canaries living on Canary isolation from home is the difference in colors, figures, singing. Photo: Orange Canary There should not be one canary, it is a social bird that is not used to loneliness, […]

  • How to choose and buy a budgerigar parrot?

    His chattering and chirt are pleasant to the ear of a person. Propagates well in captivity, lives up to 15-20 years. Photo: Buying a wavy parrot The feathers of the bird are quite allergenic, so it is not recommended for people prone to allergies to allergies; The parrot, like all other birds, loves the sun […]

  • Weaver Parrots: Overview Of Species, The Housing Of Which Is Possible In Captivity

    More than 10 species of these birds are bred and contain. The following are the most popular of them. Photo: Red – Eared Astrild These birds have a body length of about 12 cm. A distinctive feature of males – Red, less often – Yellowish, cheeks. The blue color of the plumage on the chest […]