How To Prepare A Cat For An Exhibition

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Most often, exhibitions are visited by those owners who are engaged in breeding certain breeds. Here they can not only acquire new acquaintances for further cooperation, but also confirm the standard of the breed of their pet.


Photo: How to prepare a cat for an exhibition

Preparation for the exhibition requires a lot of time and effort. After all, a cat should not only have an appropriate pedigree, but also a presentable appearance. Often, success is achieved precisely by the correct show of the pet, and not the presence of eminent parents. Since cats are practically not amenable to training, the process of showing the animal at the exhibition sometimes passes very unpredictably. It is the poet that needs to be accustomed to the patch from an early age. The cat should not be afraid of strangers and adequately respond to other animals. The appearance of the cat must comply not only with the standards of the breed, but also the exhibition. The animal should be clean, and the claws are trimmed. Often the owner seek help from specialists who often specialize in certain rocks. However, the appearance of the cat must be monitored constantly. The good condition of the animal’s wool and teeth speaks of the health of the whole body of a cat. Many experienced owners recommend that the exhibition conduct a course of soothing drugs. This will prepare the animal for stressful situations. As a rule, these drugs contain natural components and are designed specifically for animals. It will not be superfluous to take care of a special cage or a portable bag for cats in which it will be during the exhibition. It is impossible to constantly hold the animal in your arms, so these devices will greatly facilitate the life of the hosts outside the house.