How To Make A Cat A Long Liver

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Nobody can change the course of life, but we, owners of cats, can extend the lives of our favorites.


Photo: how to make a cat a long liver

On average, a cat living at home lives for about 15 years, but often this indicator increases to 20 years, and the cat-record holder has lived at all 38 years. And this means that cat capabilities are not limited, and it is worth making a little effort how your pet will be able to approach the record of life expectancy, or maybe even breaking it.

Cats are very important your attention, they require constant communication. Learn to communicate with the animal, praise it, stroke, pamper with pleasant surprises. Even the purchased tiny toy mouse will become a great joy for your fluffy friend.


The record holder among cats-long-lived cats nicknamed Puffi from Texas. She was born on August 3, 1967, and died in August 2005. Thus, Puffi lived as long as 38 years, which is simply incredible for the cat! For comparison: the oldest now living cat is the white beauty Trenby, who is 24 years old.

Try to make the life of your pet comfortable without stress. Provide the comfortable temperature in the house, treat it with delicious food, do not forget to install the gaming complex that will become your own corner for the cat.

There is an opinion that the breed of the animal affects the life expectancy, but this fact is quite controversial. It is possible that a good genealogy is a guarantor of good health, but in practice those cats that have given immense love and provided proper care, even if it was completely unfortunate, live longer.

To extend the life of your murzik, first select high -quality nutrition. Choose premium food. If there are no financial opportunities to buy expensive feed, include natural products in the diet, such as for example, chicken. It will be much better than feeding the economy class feeds, after which even the most healthy cat will begin to hurt. Do not forget about vitamins. Carry out periodic examinations in the veterinarian. After all, many cats carefully mask their diseases and pain. Adult cats need activity, so don’t forget to play with a pet. Frequent pregnancy and childbirth reduce years of life, so it is recommended to sterilize. Castration of cats will also benefit the animal, since as a result of this operation it will become more calm, and accordingly it will practically not experience stress. Well, most importantly, do not remain indifferent to cats. If they require affection or games, you do not need to push them away, referring to fatigue. And then your fluffy faithful friend will be able to get into lists.