Greenish Red-Tailed Parrot: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Greenish red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Molinae) -

Photo: Pyrrhura Molinae

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Subtype: vertebrates

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Rod: Red -tailed parrots

Length (including tail) 25 cm; weight about 70 g. The main color is green. Gray chest, dark head. The tail is dark-bended.

It lives in the west, south and in the central regions of Matu-Grosa (Brazil), in the north and east of Bolivia and the north-west of Argentina.

Inhabit the forests. Form large clusters on the tops of the trees. Feed on various seeds and fruits.

In the masonry from 4 to 6 eggs. Running lasts from 22 to 25 days.

These parrots can often be seen among nature lovers. They are playful, gentle and intellectual. They can learn to say, although their «vocabulary» limited.

The view includes 6 subspecies:

  • Pyrrhura Molinae australis Todd, 1915
  • Pyrrhura Molinae Flavoptera Maijer, Herzog, Kessler, Friggens & FJELDSA, 1998
  • Pyrrhura Molinae Molinae (Massena & Souance, 1854)
  • Pyrrhura Molinae Phoenicura (Schlegel, 1864)
  • Pyrrhura Molinae Restricta Todd, 1947
  • Pyrrhura Molinae Sordida Todd, 1947

Depending on the classification, the number of subspecies can vary, and the view may include up to 7 subspecies, including:

  • Pyrrhura Molinae Hypoxantha

Other types of genus «Red -tailed parrots»:

  • White -breasted red -tailed parrot

    White -breasted red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura albipectus)

  • Beloux red -tailed parrot

    Beloux red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Leucotis)

  • Buroukhi Red -tailed parrot

    Buroukhi Red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Frontalis)

  • Yellow -winged red -tailed parrot

    Yellow -winged red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Hoffmanni)

  • Pearl red -tailed parrot

    Pyrrhura Perlata pearl

  • Luxurious red -tailed parrot

    Luxurious red -tailed parrot

  • Rocky red -tailed parrot

    Robular red -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Rupicola)

  • Blue -toy red -tailed parrot

    Pyrrhura Cruentata)

  • Black -tailed parrot

    Black -tailed parrot (Pyrrhura Melanura)

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