Greenish Amazon: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Green -based Amazon (Amazona Viridigenalis) -

Photo: Amazona Viridigenalis

Kingdom: Animals

Type: chordal

Class: Birds

Squad: parrot

Family: Parrot

Subvenuation: Real parrots

Rod: Amazons

Body length 33 cm, tail 11 cm. The main color is green. The upper part of the head — forehead and a bright red color. There is a black edging on the back of the head and back. The cheeks are bright green. Wings of dark green color with a red spot on fly feathers. There is a light blue strip near the eyes, and white around the eyes — edging. The beak is light salt. Raduzhka from yellow to orange color.

Lives in the northeast Mexico.

Forest thickets are inhabited along rivers, dry slopes, forest edges and open areas to a height of 1300 m above sea level. Gather in large, noisy in the morning and evenings, flocks. They feed on seeds, fruits, berries, flowers and nectar.

Nest in hollows of trees.

Rare. The populations are small due to deforestation, capture and illegal export.

Quickly get used to a person and become manual. Can be very tender and playful. Are very popular in the USA.

Other types of genus «Amazons»:

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    White -faced Amazon (Amazona Albifrons)

    White -faced Amazon (Amazona Albifrons)

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    Yellow -headed Amazon (Amazona Oratrix)

  • Yellow -bellied Amazon

    ALIPIOPSITA Xanthops)

  • Yellow -bellied Amazon

    Yellow -Fleet Amazon (Amazona Barbadensis)

  • Yellow -based Amazon

    Yellow -based Amazon (Amazona Xantholora)

  • Yellowish Amazon

    Yellow -shaped Amazon (Amazona Auropalliata)

  • Imperial Amazon

    Imperial Amazon (Amazona Imperialis)

  • Royal Amazon

    Royal Amazon (Amazona Guildingii)

  • Red -Robbed Amazon

    Redborn Amazon (Amazona Rhodocorytha)

  • Red -zone Amazon

    Red -zero Amazon (Amazona Arausiaca)

  • Yellowish Amazon

    Yellow -shaped Amazon (Amazona Autumnalis)

  • Cuban Amazon

    Cuban Amazon (Amazona Leucocephala)

  • Puerto Rican Amazon

    Puerto-Rikan Amazon (Amazona Vittata)

  • Luxurious Amazon

    Luxurious Amazon (Amazona Pretrei)

  • Sinelian Amazon

    Sinelian Amazon (Amazona Versicolor)

  • Sinex Amazon

    Sinex Amazon (Amazona Dufresniana)

  • Sineshapic Amazon

    Sineshapoic Amazon (Amazona FinSchi)

  • Soldier Amazon

    Soldier Amazon (Amazona Mercenaria)

  • Tukuman Amazon

    Tukuman Amazon (Amazona Tucumana)

  • Festive Amazon

    Festive Amazon (Amazona Festiva)

  • Black -Jewish Amazon

    Black -Joan Amazon (Amazona Ventralis)

  • Yamaisky black -billed Amazon

    Yamaisky Black -Close Amazon (Amazona Agilis)

  • The blue Amazon

    Snove Amazon (Amazona Aestiva)

  • Surinam Amazon

    Surinam Amazon

  • Yamaisky yellow -billed Amazon

    Yamaisky yellow -billed Amazon (Amazona Collaria)

  • Amazon Cavall

    Amazona Kawalli

  • Amazon Muller

    Amazona Farinosa (Amazona Farinosa)

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