Cherry-Red Licks: Photo, Video, Housing And Reproduction

Cherry -red

Photo: Trichoglossus Rubiginosus

Body length 25 cm. The main coloring is cherry-brown. On the chest and front of the neck there are transverse black strips. Black bridle. Flaw feathers are also black with a greenish tint. The tail from the bottom is yellow, on top of olive-yellow.

Lives in the east of the Caroline Islands.

Inhabits tropical forests.

Other types of genus «Loricets»:

  • Johnston is Licky

    Johnssus Johnstoniae

  • The yellow -headed drifting

    Yellow -headed Lickyt (Trichoglossus Euteles)

  • The yellow-green lands

    Yellow-green Lickyat

  • Multicolor drifting

    Multicolor Licky (Trichoglossus haematodus)

  • Decorated Loriks

    Decorated with Lickut (Trichoglossus ornatus)

  • Scaleshotogrudny Licks

    Scaly Licky (Trichoglossus Chloorolepidotus)

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