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  • There are some products that can cause serious diseases in cats, and to jeopardize not only their health, but also life! Onion and garlic Do not even jokingly try to add onion or garlic to the cat menu. Onions contains toxic substances that destroy red blood cells, causing anemia in cats and other health problems. […]

  • Most often, exhibitions are visited by those owners who are engaged in breeding certain breeds. Here they can not only acquire new acquaintances for further cooperation, but also confirm the standard of the breed of their pet. Photo: How to prepare a cat for an exhibition Preparation for the exhibition requires a lot of time […]

  • This breed is considered unique due to the shape of the ears. In this breed, the ears are in a folded state, hence its name. The reason is the dominant mutation of the ear cartilage, due to which the ears are in a state folded forward. These cats are very pleasant and friendly, loyal to […]

  • Nobody can change the course of life, but we, owners of cats, can extend the lives of our favorites. Photo: how to make a cat a long liver On average, a cat living at home lives for about 15 years, but often this indicator increases to 20 years, and the cat-record holder has lived at […]

  • If a person prefers his own cooking food, he should think whether he can fulfill all the requirements that are presented to the dog’s feed. If a person is the owner of a small puppy or a pregnant dog, then it is better for him to feed the animal with high -quality industrial production feeds. […]

  • In order to refute this opinion, it is necessary to get to know the natural needs of the cats and evaluate the readiness of the hosts to satisfy these needs. Photo: Why do you need castration Over the long years of the existence of these animals, side by side with man, everyone forgot that the […]

  • Or a cat, ever frightened by dogs, it is problematic to force a dog to be a true friend. Such an experiment can end destructively – for both one and the other animal. Of course, it is best to start animals from childhood, when the puppy does not harm the kitten, get acquainted and wants […]

  • However, in some cases, the beauty of pets can be so unusual that it can cause surprise or even bewilderment. In our article you will learn which cats are recognized as the most unique and extravagant today. This breed of cats has earned its fame thanks to their characteristic feature – the complete absence of […]