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  • What To Do If The Fish Lies At The Bottom

    For some fish – for example, catfish and bindings – rest at the bottom or even lying on the side – this is a completely normal phenomenon. Some fish, active in the daytime (for example, many cichlids), usually after the onset of darkness rest at the bottom. In cases where lying down at the bottom […]

  • What To Do If The Fish Is Swollen

    There are several possible reasons why the fish can have an abnormally swollen body or a swollen belly. Dropsy. At the same time, bloating is often accompanied by scales, which make fish similar to pine cones. Bloating Malawi. It affects only East African cichlids that incubate eggs in the mouth. The stomach can swell in […]

  • What To Do If Fish Has Abnormal Excrement

    The color and consistency of fish excrement can vary depending on the diet, and to a certain extent and on the type of fish. Normal excrement is usually brownish or greenish. They have approximately the same diameter, typical for fish. Shortly after the appearance from the anus, they fall off, although sometimes fish pour out […]

  • Interesting Facts Of Plants: The Most – Most From The World Of Plants

    Amazing Velvia – Mirabilis Velvia has only two sheets, although its age can reach 100 years. Its leaves grow 5-8 cm per year, and the largest leaves had a size of 8.2×2 m. The largest leaves – Palma Raffia has the largest leaves in the world. They reach 20 m and surpass all the breeds […]

  • Feeding and Feed of Aquarium Fish

    The issue of feed and nutrition is very extensive. The development and health of fish depends on the quality and amount of food, which shoup contain protein. Fortunatly, most fish and quite A lot of invertebrates willingly eat food made by industrial. FISH SHOULD BE FED with various types of food, constantly alternating them. The […]

  • Breeding Aquarium Fish: Preparation, Creating Conditions, Caring for Young

    The caviar can scatter its scatter it in water among plants and stones, thereby offering nature to complete the matter. SOME species KEEP CAVIAR in the MOUTH, proting from possible dangeers. SOME SPECIES LAY CAVIAR in NESTS of BUBBLES, OTHERS ON STONES, OTHERS ON THE LEAVES. There are species that lay caviar into other organisms. […]

  • All About The Soil For The Aquarium

    Soil is one of the most important components in the aquarium with plants. On the one hand, plant roots grow in it, on the other, plants receive nutrients from it. It should be noted that partially plants receive them from the water (for example, K, Ca, Mg should be present in water). The presence of […]

  • Choosing A Place For Aquarium. Where To Put The Aquarium?

    The aquarium is installed where it is convenient to inspect (regardless of the distance and position relative to the window). The prolonged lighting of the aquarium by the sun causes an increase in algae, so it should be protected by curtains on the windows, sliding curtains on the aquarium or thick foliage of indoor plants […]

  • What To Do If The Fish Is Less Active Than Usual

    It is very important to know what behavior is typical for this type. For example, fish related to night species can look lethargic during the day, and vice versa. Fish of some species rarely rarely show activity! However, if any fish becomes less active compared to its normal behavior, it is most likely an early, […]

  • What To Do If The Fish “Yawns”

    Little is known about such behavior. In some cases, it seems to be a reaction to poor water quality. Therefore, check the levels of the housing of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in water. Usually periodically "yawns" only one or two fish, sometimes they vibrate. However "Zeus" and vibration is often early signals warning about the […]