Category: Aquarium Plants

  • Cryptocorin Really: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Cryptocoryne Lingua Photo: Cryptocoryne Lingua Her homeland – oh. Kalimantan (Borneo). A small plant with rude, fleshy leaves and a short stem. Total height of the bush up to 12 cm. The leaves have the shape of the tongue and reach length 5, and in width 2.5 cm. Have a bright green color with […]

  • Ludwig Arcuate: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Ludwigia Arcuata Photo: Ludwigia Arcuata Homeland – North America. A very elegant peculiar decorative plant, having long stems, on which light green narrow leaves sit in pairs, under satisfactory conditions, acquiring red-brown color. Stem length usually reaches 20-30 cm. Ludgia can be grown in containers of any size, but with a low level of […]

  • Peplis, Butyrlak Two – Thousandth: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Peplis Diandra Homeland – North America. A long -stroke plant with branching stems, which are densely covered with leaves collected in mutts of 4. The leaves are very narrow, green with brown tint. The stems are usually short. Peplis can be grown in a small aquarium, placing it at the side walls closer to […]

  • Cobbler Cubic Meter: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Ceratophyllum Spec His homeland is Cuba. It looks like a dense and thick bunch composed of strongly collapsing shoots. It has no roots. Perennial grass floating in water, does not die in winter, but continues vegetation. The stem is not fragile, reddish. If the plant is in a brightly lit aquarium, then short internodes […]

  • Needle – Shaped Sintyg: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Eleocharis acicularis Distributed in moderately warm areas of America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This plant is purely swamp. It tolerates prolonged flooding, but if it is constantly kept in the aquarium, it grows poorly. It is best to grow it in a container with a low level of water. The plant is a bundle […]

  • Switching Cube: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Housing: Description of the genus «Nufar (nuPhar)» Housing and breeding Other types of nufar (nuPhar) Video reviews Buy Sell Plants from one family Description of the genus «Nufar (nuPhar)» Flowering, or Coaters (Magnoliophyta), or (Angiospermae) department Family: Invshin (nymphaeaceae) Grows in the standing and slowly current water moderate latitudes of the northern hemisphere, sometimes in […]

  • Ludwig Creeping: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Ludwigia Repens Photo: Ludwigia Repens Photo: Ludwigia Repens Ludwigia Repens or Ludwigia Repens X Palustris or Ludwigia Natans or Ludwigia Mullerodina – Central America, Southern North America. Aquariumists can find both plants of this particular species and hybrids obtained from crossing Ludwige Creeping and Ludwigia Palustris). This is a long -oster plant with glossy […]

  • Brazilian Cirrus: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Myriophyllum Brasiliense Photo: Myriophyllum Brasiliense Homeland – South and North America. The elegant long-edged plant of light green color, widespread by aquarists, forms dense thickets in the water column. Suitable for maintaining any capacity in the aquarium. Relatively unpretentious. Moderately warm and tropical aquariums are suitable for cirrus. The optimum housing temperature is from […]

  • Dark Green Morned: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Ceratophyllum Demersum Photo: Ceratophyllum Demersum Distributed in moderately warm regions of the entire globe. Long-fast plant with needle-green needles and reddish stems. Grows in the water column. For lovers of the aquarium, the cargolitnik is very widely common, as it grows very quickly and very unpretentious. In the conditions of the aquarium, as well […]

  • Eaton Rooter: Photo, Video, Housing, Breeding

    Photo: Sagittaria Eatoni Homeland – North America. One of the most beautiful arrowists, forming a rosette of light green leaves with bent downwards with rounded tips. Plant height 15-20 cm. You can contain it in the aquarium of any volume. Grows evenly throughout the year. The plant is suitable for keeping in tropical and moderately […]